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The newest contender on Canada’s burgeoning electric vehicle market, VinFast might be tiny in terms of output (30,000 units last year), but it’s a powerhouse in terms of investments and ambitions. At the moment, its output comes from its Hai Phong manufacturing complex in Vietnam. However, the word is out that a US plant could open in 2024. 

Less than five years old, this auto-maker is almost unknown outside its homeland. But as a member of VinGroup – the largest conglomerate in Vietnam – it’s underwritten by lavish commitments of US$ 3.5 billion, with an output planned to top 250,000 vehicles a year. 

SUV Launches in North America 

Gearing up to take North America by storm from its headquarters in Los Angeles, VinFast plans to leapfrog the entire cute urban runabout market with its two debut SUVs: the full-size VF e36 and its smaller sibling, the VF e35. Signed by Pininfarina with [...]

A perfect storm of adverse factors is driving an upsurge in gas pump prices, which may soon see Canadian gas stations charging prices close to a twoonie. For drivers all over North America, higher pump prices are becoming a significant pain point. 

However, local gas stations are only now starting to catch up with the rest of the world, where energy prices have been skyrocketing for months. At the international level, surging oil prices and the foreign exchange rate for the Canadian dollar are pumping up pressures. 

Global Fuel Prices Soar

Experts believe there’s a good chance that oil will top a $ 100 a barrel in the next few months: up 20% from current levels of around $ 85. There are also forecasts that gas prices might top two dollars a litre in some areas of Canada during 2022. 

Places like Labrador and Newfoundland – which already have of the highest [...]

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