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Lifting the curtain of secrecy covering many of its activities, Tesla recently offered glimpses into its expanding presence in Canada, where this innovative automaker is building some of the “machines that build the machine”, in the words of Elon Musk, its visionary founder.

Released just in time for Thanksgiving, a video introduces its team in Ontario, where new custom manufacturing equipment is being designed and built, that will subsequently be used in its assembly plants elsewhere in the world.

Third Quarter Progress Report

As Tesla was presenting its 3Q 2021 earnings, interest focused on delivery of the first vehicles powered by 4680 cells. Chief Technology Officer Drew Baglino confidently mentioned early 2022, asserting that structural aspects, as well as battery, crash, range, and reliability testing would be completed by the end of the year.

While stressing that the main focus is on quality for producing these battery cells, he issued a [...]

No longer a science fiction favourite, self-driving vehicles are here to stay – especially in Canada. Right on the cutting-edge of this revolution in the automobile industry, artificial intelligence is already taking the wheel, while drivers can relax during commutes and longer trips.

The race is on, and the runners include household names like BMW, GM, Nissan, Tesla, Toyota, Volvo, and even Uber. Related industries – like auto loans and insurance – are also gearing up for this exciting new stage, making sure that these innovations fit smoothly into family budgets.

How Self-Driving Cars Work

Encompassing a vast range of interrelated devices that exchange data among themselves, the Internet of Things (IoT) pervades our daily lives in devices like smartphones and coffee makers. It is also flourishing at the industrial scale, keeping the components of huge machines working smoothly.

In an autonomous vehicle, many complex systems intercommunicate constantly: video cameras and radar sensors [...]

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