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The second-largest purchase of their lives for many Canadians, buying a car is a major investment. Few people can save up enough money to purchase their wheels outright, so they need to finance it through a car loan. That’s why it’s a smart move to explore your auto financing options well before you start vehicle shopping. It is vital to ensure you pick the best option for your needs and budget, not only for today, but for several years ahead.

Where Can I Find Reasonable Auto Financing in Nova Scotia?

Most car buyers sign up for auto financing with a bank, a credit union, a dealership, or an online lender to pay for their new or used vehicles. These car loans must be repaid promptly each month over an agreed length of time. If you miss a couple of payments, you’ll be charged interest and possibly a fine or penalty; once you’re ninety days [...]

Well, that depends on who’s asking! If you’ve got a good credit score (at least 650), you may qualify for a rate between 1% and 7% for a new car, depending on the make. For a pre-loved model from Laneway Auto Loans used car lot, you could be looking at 6% to 8%. But if your credit score isn’t so good, your interest rate could soar to over 45%. Averaged out across the market nationwide, interest rates on car loans in Canada generally hover around 7%.

Where Do I Find the Lowest Interest Rate in my Area?

Your next step is to check out auto financing interest rates in New Brunswick. The easiest source of financing is the dealership where you buy your car, cutting back on the time and paperwork needed to close the deal. This is also where you can bargain for extra perks (like undersealing, a set of snow tyres, or even [...]

Revived after a fourteen-year gap, the sophisticated 2019 Chevrolet Blazer 3LT AWD barely recalls its rough and ready predecessor. On the Laneway Auto Loans and Sales used car lot, this two-row, five-passenger crossover slots in seamlessly between the more compact Equinox and the three-role Traverse. Brimming with road presence that handles even the roughest routes in New Brunswick, its muscular sheet metal structure leans heavily on the distinctive lines of the Camaro, with a front grille inspired by the ZL. With its unibody construction ensuring a smooth ride, it’s also fuel-efficient, with excellent road handling, thanks to a smooth-shifting nine-speed automatic that always picks the perfect gear.

The Camaro of the SUV Category

Much more fun than its peers in the mid-size SUV category, it offers an occasional waft of its Camaro cousin, while sharing a platform with the GMC Acadia and Cadillac XT5. Regardless of its configuration, the crossover is a stable, [...]

It looks as though pressures on the Canadian vehicle market may start to ease up in 2023. As demand stabilises and inventory expands, prices could drop by up to 20% for pre-owned vehicles, and 5% for new models. This could also lead to cheaper auto financing in Atlantic Canada. However, with an economy still stumbling through the post-pandemic landscape, wise buyers are taking advice from the financial experts at Laneway Auto Loans and Sales and checking their finances before diving into a multi-year commitment like getting a car. Here are some pre-purchase points to ponder:

  • make sure your job is stable, with enough financial headroom to pay off such a major investment, taking into account unpredictable factors such as inflation and interest rates that could eat into your monthly budget;
  • check your credit score, as this is a major factor in the interest rates offered you by lenders, saving (or costing) you thousands of dollars [...]

Famed for its focus on value, Hyundai continued its winning streak with its 2017 Accent, which continues largely unchanged since 2012. A great example of the brand’s strategy of providing high quality cars at affordable prices, this attractive sedan offers pleasant driving dynamics, with plenty of useful amenities. Launched in 2017, its new Value Edition trim included features like four-wheel disc brakes, 16-inch alloy wheels, and cruise control. Available as a five-door hatchback (SE and Sport models, with up to 47.5 cubic feet of cargo capacity) or a four-door sedan (base SE and Value Edition, with up to 13.7 cubic feet of trunk space), the sub- compact 2017 Hyundai Accent seats five passengers in comfort. 

Under the Hood 

Its 1.6L four-cylinder engine is also one of the few in its class with direct injection, helping it reach 138 hp and 123 lb-ft of torque. For urban driving, its suspension is more than adequate for [...]

There’s plenty of good news for car buyers in Halifax and nearby Provinces. As reputable dealers like Laneway Auto Loans and Sales grant auto loans at fixed rates in Canada, your monthly payments don’t increase in parallel to rising interest rates. Instead, all your fixed loan payments remain unchanged throughout their repayment periods. But (and there’s always a but…) if you decide to renegotiate or renew your fixed-rate auto loan, there’s a chance your monthly payments could be higher, if interest rates have risen since you closed the deal. That’s because interest rate hikes announced by the Bank of Canada are applicable nationwide, generally keeping pace with inflation.

Will my Auto Loan Repayments Go Up if Interest Rates Rise?

As prices soar across the board for services and goods, the purchasing power of the Canadian dollar shrinks, and higher interest rates are imposed to keep the nation’s economy running smoothly. Luckily, vehicle owners [...]

Sure you can! But it’s more complicated than selling a car you actually own – which is already a tricky and time-consuming task. There are plenty of good reasons why you might want to sell your car before the end of your loan term: your family has grown (or shrunk), so you need more (or less) seating room for passengers and storage room for stuff; you’re moving house and no longer need your own wheels; you got a raise (or took a pay cut), so you want to splurge or need to economise.

Can I Sell My Financed Car by Myself?

You can certainly handle the entire process yourself. Or you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by seeking guidance from the auto loan experts at Laneway Auto Loans and Sales. In their considerable experience, there are three ways of selling a financed car in Canada:

  • A private sale means you’ll [...]

A refined contender among small luxury crossover SUVs, the 2018 Buick Envision is well worth a second look. Despite its somewhat generic exterior styling, it’s equipped with a generous wish list of features, with an upscale interior trimmed in high-quality materials. Slotting between the compact Encore and the three-row Enclave in the Buick portfolio, with decent amounts of cabin room and cargo space, this two-row crossover SUV is always a popular choice on the Laneway Auto Loans & Sales Used Car Lot.

Great Value for Money

Quiet, comfortable, and less eye-catching than some of its competitors, the 2018 Buick Envision Premium AWD delivers a lot of bang for a very reasonable buck. Churning out 252 hp and 260 lb-ft, its turbocharged 2.0-liter engine is a great fit for this small SUV, delivering fuel economy of 8.6 – 11.8 City/ highway combined. All Envisions are fitted with six-speed automatic transmission. Trim upgrades include 19-inch wheels, [...]

Where’s my Best Auto Loan: Bank or Dealership? 

Few people can afford to pay cash for a car, even second-hand. This means joining the 84% of Canadians who are paying off their rides in instalments. When deciding on how to finance their second-largest lifetime purchases (after only their homes), smart buyers consider their loan options very carefully.

Depending on their personal situations, taking out a loan from a bank or a dealership could have very different financial consequences over the years ahead. Here’s a quick guide on the pros and cons of each option, and which one might be right for you.

Financing through a bank or credit union usually involves applying for a pre-approved loan. Once your application is accepted, the lender issues a letter of commitment that you can to the dealer, once you’ve found the vehicle of your choice. This is a great time saver, as the entire deal can [...]

Why Do I Need Full Insurance on My Financed Car?

When you take out a loan to pay for a new or used car, you don’t actually own your wheels until the loan is fully paid off, together with all its ancillary charges. So if it’s stolen or damaged, you could be held liable for paying it off entirely, if it’s not covered by insurance. 

That’s why most reputable lenders require you to present proof of full coverage before you drive out the door, as they must protect their investments by insisting on total protection for the vehicles they finance. From time to time, they’ll also check that you’re still carrying full coverage on your financed vehicle, until your loan is fully paid off. This is because liability insurance covers only damages to another driver, with no compensation for damage to yourself or your own vehicle.

In fact, you could even lose the car to [...]

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